Get a savings account with up to 7% APY

with a Debit Card and an app to make it easy to manage and grow your money. 🎉

ZeFi allows you to connect your bank account to deposit USD and crypto assets to earn interest and as well as spend it using a ZeFi card.

ZeFi converts your deposits to virtual currency (pegged to USD) and lends it out to borrowers. All these loans are over-collateralized by more than 150% with digital-assets as collateral.

You're always in control of your funds and can withdraw your funds anytime. Click on FAQs to learn more about how ZeFi works.

  • Start with as low as $5

  • Withdraw anytime

  • Accrue interest in real time

  • 3 tap wallet creation: Our revolutionary onboarding process gets you set up with a savings account in less than a minute

  • Fraud Monitoring: We seamlessly work in the background to protect you against fraudulent activity, so you can rest assured that your money is always safe.

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About Us

We are a team of engineers and builders with experience in building and scaling large scale distributed systems for Governments as well as startups.

We believe in the power of decentralized financial systems in democratizing access to financial services for millions of people worldwide.

Noteworthy investors backing ZeFi includes YCombinator and angels!

MD Halim
prev. Co-founder - AuthLayer

Saurav Tomar
Blockchain Geek | prev. Amazon Research

📞 Contact Us: +1 (425) 310-4523


How is this high APY possible?
ZeFi converts your deposits to stablecoins ( a stable virtual currency pegged to USD) and lends it out to over-collaterized borrowers at a higher interest rates.

ZeFi provides a non-custodial wallet (the funds are controlled entirely by you). The wallet provided by us automatically enables you to earn yield by supplying digital dollars (stablecoin USDC) to the Compound(MakerDAO, dydx) liquidity pool. Yields on the Compound liquidity pool in the past have ranged from 3-9% APY, but there are no guarantees that those numbers will continue. These are open source and highly audited smart contracts built on Ethereum Blockchain.

We also allow you to connect your U.S. bank using a third-party payment processor and exchange U.S. dollars for digital dollars (stablecoin USDC/DAI). We are not an investment company nor an investment advisor.

What is a non-custodial wallet
A non-custodial wallet is a decentralised type of wallet, where the customer owns its private keys. On the contrary, a custodial wallet is a type of digital wallet which keeps a customer's private keys and provides backup and security for your assets.

Where are the keys stored
Distributed Key Generation (DKG) is used to generate the keys as stored on a network of nodes provided by More details

How does account recovery work?
User's can recover their account via the google login they used to create their account or the secure seed phrase.

What is DeFi?

Decentralised Finance, or DeFi, is an open source financial system that adopts traditional financial instruments in a peer-to-peer network that limits bureaucracy and centralised authorities.
DeFi applications are primarily built on the Ethereum network, owing to its popularity, and familiarity and ease developers have with smart contracts.

What is Compound?

The Compound liquidity pool is autonomous open source software deployed to the Ethereum blockchain. Digital assets (stablecoin, cryptocurrency) are supplied to and borrowed from the Compound liquidity pool. These assets have algorithmically derived interest rates, which are based on supply and demand. Yields are generated by borrowers who collateralize loans (115-150% of the loan value) with cryptocurrency. Collateral is monitored by the Compound protocol in real-time to ensure timely liquidation of collateral if its value decreases. link to Compound’s white paper.

What are the returns like?

ZeFi does not guarantee any returns, all returns are subject to market forces.

What are the risks associated with ZeFi?

ZeFi is not FDIC insured.
User Funds are protected against smart contract risk through smart contract insurance. Our smart contract insurance covers the following: The insurance will cover “unintended code usage” where someone, not necessarily the cover purchaser, has suffered a financial loss on the smart contract. While your funds are backed by smart contract insurance, this is not a guarantee as the smart contract insurance technology is still in it's infancy.

Governance layer Risk

The stability of DAI stablecoin is provided by proper functioning of MakerDAO and Compound lending pools. These are Decentralised Autonomous Organisations and the technology is still in its infancy.

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