A borderless USD account with up to 7% APY

Make instant transfers to anyone in the world
Withdraw to your local bank account instantly
Spend with a debit card

ZeFi allows you to connect your bank account to deposit USD and crypto assets to earn interest and as well as spend it using a ZeFi card.

ZeFi converts your deposits to virtual currency (pegged to USD) and lends it out to borrowers. All these loans are over-collateralized by more than 150% with digital-assets as collateral.

You're always in control of your funds and can withdraw your funds anytime. Click on FAQs to learn more about how ZeFi works.

  • Start with as low as $5

  • Withdraw anytime

  • Accrue interest in real time

  • 3 tap wallet creation: Our revolutionary onboarding process gets you set up with a savings account in less than a minute

  • Fraud Monitoring: We seamlessly work in the background to protect you against fraudulent activity, so you can rest assured that your money is always safe.

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About Us

We are a team of engineers and builders with experience in building and scaling large scale distributed systems for Governments as well as startups.

MD Halim
prev. Co-founder - AuthLayer

Saurav Tomar
prev. Co-founder CeFy Credit scoring, Amazon Research

📞 Contact Us: +1 (425) 310-4523

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